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The Brothers Grimm, Jacob (1785-1863) and Wilhelm (1786-1859), were
born in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in the German state of Hesse.

Throughout their lives they remained close friends, and both studied
law at Marburg University. Jacob was a pioneer in the study of German
philology, and although Wilhelm's work was hampered by poor health the
brothers collaborated in the creation of a German dictionary, not
completed until a century after their deaths. But they were best (and
universally) known for the collection of over two hundred folk tales
they made from oral sources and published in two volumes of 'Nursery
and Household Tales' in 1812 and 1814. Although their intention was to
preserve such material as part of German cultural and literary
history, and their collection was first published with scholarly notes
and no illustration, the tales soon came into the possession of young
readers. This was in part due to Edgar Taylor, who made the first
English translation in 1823, selecting about fifty stories 'with the
amusement of some young friends principally in view.' They have been
an essential ingredient of children's reading ever since.

The Golden Bird

Hans In Luck

Jorinda And Jorindel

The Travelling Musicians

Old Sultan

The Straw, The Coal, And The Bean

Briar Rose

The Dog And The Sparrow

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Fisherman And His Wife

The Willow-Wren And The Bear

The Frog-Prince

Cat And Mouse In Partnership

The Goose-Girl

The Adventures Of Chanticleer And Partlet



The Valiant Little Tailor

Hansel And Gretel

The Mouse, The Bird, And The Sausage

Mother Holle

Little Red-Cap [Little Red Riding Hood]

The Robber Bridegroom

Tom Thumb


Clever Gretel

The Old Man And His Grandson

The Little Peasant

Frederick And Catherine

Sweetheart Roland


The Pink

Clever Elsie

The Miser In The Bush


The White Snake

The Wolf And The Seven Little Kids

Doctor Knowall

The Seven Ravens

The Wedding Of Mrs Fox

The Salad

The Story Of The Youth Who Went Forth To Learn What Fear Was

The Queen Bee

The Elves And The Shoemaker

The Juniper-Tree

The Turnip

Clever Hans

The Three Languages

The Fox And The Cat

The Four Clever Brothers

Lily And The Lion

The Fox And The Horse

The Blue Light

The Raven

The Golden Goose

The Water Of Life

The Twelve Huntsmen

The King Of The Golden Mountain

King Grisly-Beard

Iron Hans


Snow-White And Rose-Red

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